Jingcai dining table, dining table and chair set Nordic dining table, dining table, dining table, dining table [one table, six chairs - white rock plate] 140 * 80cm (type A)
  • Product Name: Jingcai dining table and chair set Nordic dining table rock plate luxury household dining table and chair dining table [one table with six chairs - white rock plate] 140 * 80cm (type A)
  • Commodity number: 10025740763414
  • Shop: Jingcai furniture flagship store
  • Gross weight: 30.0kg
  • Origin of goods: Chinese mainland
  • Facing material: rock plate
  • Customizable: not customizable
  • Main color system: multicolor
  • Number of chairs and stools: 5-6
  • Additional function: ordinary dining table
  • Style: modern simple
  • Frame material: Metal
  • Desktop shape: rectangle

At that time, I was still hesitating about the price when I bought it. I didn't regret it at all after I bought it. I like this color very much. It's simple and generous. And if it's dirty, it's clean. It's much cheaper than a physical store

2021-04-19 08:39:27

The whole table looks very beautiful and modern. I was worried before I bought it. Now it looks good. The quality needs to be used later. Now I feel it's good. I hope I won't be disappointed

2021-04-19 08:39:27

Jingdong Logistics is very fast, easy to install, with all the tools inside. The quality of the tables and chairs is very good. I went to the physical store to compare them. There is no difference at all, but the price is much cheaper. It's worth recommending

2021-04-19 08:39:26

As the new home lights have not been installed, just finished the decoration did not move in, a bit chaotic. About this gray, very textural, similar to the 5000 I saw in the physical store. The quality is similar, and a set with six stools, I put four tables, cloakroom put one. It's very good to have a children's desk.

2021-04-19 08:39:25

The dining table is very strong. I thought it was 1.4 meters small, but I didn't expect it to be so big. It's absolutely enough for my family. The customer service originally said to arrange for the master to come to the door to install, but my family was in urgent need, so my husband installed it. It's not bad. The installation is very simple. My husband installed it soon. I think the furniture sold by Jingcai is in line with my vision. Like don't regret, don't look cheap, but very strong.

2021-04-19 08:39:24