• Product Name: patru solid wood dining table
  • Commodity number: 68461207154
  • Shop: patru furniture flagship store
  • Gross weight: 50.0kg
  • Article No.: mkl-625#

Received this very affordable, very strong, and particularly strong, installation is also very convenient, no flavor.

2020-07-05 17:09:05

The quality of the table is very good, the style is very awesome, the Solid wood frame has no peculiar smell, is very firm, the customer service attitude is very good, has the patience very much, the logistics is very strong.

2020-07-05 17:06:59

I received the dining table. The material is very good, very strong, and the color is very beautiful. I like it very much. It matches the decoration of my house, which is very nice.

2020-07-05 17:03:57

Fine workmanship, solid and stable structure, good color, logistics to force, no awesome smell, the overall effect is much better than the picture.

2020-07-05 16:24:30

The style is novel and unique, the color is good-looking, the size is suitable, and the home decoration style is very matching, like you can buy.

2020-07-05 16:18:42

Customer service attitude is very good, fine workmanship, solid and stable structure, affordable price, fashionable and generous, high grade, worthy of purchase.

2020-07-05 16:15:12

Fine workmanship, high cost performance, fast delivery speed, customer service is very patient, answer questions, good-looking color, fashionable style

2020-07-05 16:10:17

It's a nice table and chair. It's worth buying.

2020-07-04 18:29:51

Baby received, the quality and workmanship are very good, size standard, business service attitude is very good, any questions one by one to answer.

2020-07-04 18:15:04

High end atmosphere on the grade, the color is very good-looking, exquisite technology, color is very good, size standard, the seller's service attitude is very good.

2020-07-04 18:12:53